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    How to fold a 5'x7' backdrop and circular reflector.

    My favorite thing to do is hand these to PAs to fold and step away. Always a great test. I would rather have a PA ask how to use equipment properly than to guess and fight with it. If I'm particularly feeling like a troll, I'll ask someone to fold my pop-up changing booth. :-)
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    AKG CK93

    Oh... RF is no bueno. Those RF filters work well, but that would add some length. What was your other mic?
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    AKG CK93

    Interesting. How's the handling noise on it when flying it? Been looking for a good hypercardiod for indoor use.
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    Chris Hoffman - Photograper, Sound, Video

    Hello! I am capable of doing many things, I am primarily a photographer. Lighting, color theory, post-processing, visual communication, et cetera. From there, I commonly do location sound for productions. I also do video, but seems like everyone else does as well. I'll happily Cam Op, AC, or...