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    Director of Photography for hire!

    Im pleased to announce that my Director of Photography Demo Reel is now finally up. You can check it out in the link below! If interested in booking my booking information is provided within the video. Thanks and have great day!
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    New Teaser Trailer out for Short Project "A Smile in the Sky"

    This is a drama short film project written by Chris O'Brien from Ponder Green Productions and a Associated with KE Films. We are in pre-production currently! Check it out in the link below!
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    Kevin Eaton - Director of Photography

    Greetings everyone, (Just going to make this a short introduction) I am a DP from the StL and metro east area. I'm looking for more friends and to help people shoot various projects with in the area. Ive done mainly shorts, features, weddings, etc. I also do some editing and photography. I have...