Michael Pearce

Hi, I'm Michael (not Mike). I still call myself an amateur filmmaker, although I've been doing it since 2007. My background is photography, which is how I got into filmmaking, first with the camera, then lighting, and lately I have been doing a lot of sound. I have a strong sense of storytelling, and yet ... I still struggle to write.

Right now, I am interested in the following crew positions:

  • Location Sound Recordist
  • Assistant Director
  • Producer (see my goals below)
  • Production Assistant — I like helping on other people's sets, even when it's not glamorous
  • Craft Services — Not only do I like to help, but I also like to feed people
  • Behind-the-Scenes Video — This is actually a specific and serious thing I want to do. I don't just want to show up and document your shoot day(s). I want to be involved during development, record interviews with principals and cast, and ultimately create little bits of buzz that you can use to build support for your film, both for funding and for audiences.
I have a good day job, and I make films because I enjoy it. At this time, I only work unpaid films. My availability is only on weekday evenings and on weekends.

I have a few goals:

  • I want to gain a little bit of experience at just about every filmmaking position. I enjoy learning, but most importantly, understanding the needs of every member of the team helps me interact better with everyone.
  • This site. I want to see this site succeed, because I feel strongly that it can fill a need that has not been adequately met for years.
  • Monetized film production. I want to gain experience producing films, but not just for the heck of it. I want to experiment with newer revenue models for films, namely online streaming, to ultimately learn how to make films profitable.
Here through the site is as good a way to contact me as any.
June 2
Arnold, Missouri


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