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  1. Michael Pearce

    Roland R-26

    Free to a good home: Roland R-26. Also included are the neck/shoulder strap, the foam windscreen, and a third-party padded zipper pouch for storage. Some scratches visible on the touch screen, but fully functional. I haven't used it for a few years, and I don't expect to. Mini review: The R-26...
  2. Michael Pearce

    Zoom H4n

    Free to a good home: Zoom H4n. Note that this is the original model, not the H4n Pro, which has much better preamps. Included is the hard plastic protective case, and also a Petrol Bags PS615 pouch, which allows the recorder to be worn on a belt or clipped to a strap. It all works fine, though...
  3. Michael Pearce

    SmallRig Swivel and Tilt Monitor Mount

    I realize it's just a little thing, but it makes me happy. I received this thing yesterday, and it is a pretty awesome little thing. It has a friction mechanism for tilt and swivel, so you can mount a monitor on your camera and reposition it with one hand. This one has a shoe mount, for use...
  4. Michael Pearce

    The 48 Hour Film Project (St. Louis)

    Registration is now open.
  5. Michael Pearce

    The 48 Hour Film Project (St. Louis)

    The weekend? May 31 - June 2, 2019 The challenge? To make a film in only 48 hours! Filmmakers from all over the Saint Louis, MO area will compete to see who can make the best short film in only 48 hours. The winning film will go up against films from around the world at Filmapalooza 2020 for a...
  6. Michael Pearce

    Submission Deadline for St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase

    Submission deadline is May 31, 2019. The Whitaker St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase, an annual presentation of the nonprofit Cinema St. Louis, serves as the area’s primary venue for films made by local artists. The Showcase screens works that were written, directed, edited, or produced by St. Louis...
  7. Michael Pearce

    Submission Deadline for Saint Louis Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Film Festival

    Submission deadline is March 31, 2019. Cinema St. Louis (CSL) and the Saint Louis Science Center are excited to announce the second edition of a science-fiction and fantasy short-film contest — an opportunity for regional filmmakers to let their imaginations shine. This juried competition will...
  8. Michael Pearce


    I would like to get a group together for a short film brain-storming / spit-balling / writing idea session. This worked well during the 48HFP, which resulted in more than one practical story idea, and I know that folks have expressed an interest in doing it again. I have had an idea for a...
  9. Michael Pearce

    AKG CK93

    The other mic was a Schoeps MK 41 (aka CMC641), along with some Sanken COS-11D lavs on Sennheiser G3 radios.
  10. Michael Pearce

    AKG CK93

    I don't know, because I don't make handling noise ;) Seriously, I haven't noticed any particular handling noise, but I use a decent shock mount and I really do stop making handling noise during takes. I'll have to play around with it. I did discover one weakness of this microphone: RF...
  11. Michael Pearce

    Who's Paisley? (An Expression of Love)

    Hey, this isn't my project, but I wanted to post about it here. I counted ten people on the team with whom I've worked. I'm sure the film will be awesome! Here's a link to their Seed & Spark campaign: Who's Paisley? (An Expression of Love)
  12. Michael Pearce

    Email to (RESOLVED)

    Since Charter won't let me talk to anyone smart enough to unblock this server's IP address, I have established a work-around. The problem should be resolved, if not necessarily to my satisfaction.
  13. Michael Pearce

    Ed Wiesner

    There's also Adobe Portfolio, "free with your Creative Cloud subscription". I'd forgotten about it. I remember passing it up when I first heard about it because I didn't having it tied to continued payment for CC, and also because Adobe has a bad track record of abandoning products. However...
  14. Michael Pearce

    Email to (RESOLVED)

    Charter/Spectrum is being particularly obtuse about this. I'm going to have to come up with a work-around.
  15. Michael Pearce

    Ed Wiesner

    I haven't used Wix, but it is evidently easy to use, because I know people who are completely non-technical and who have had no trouble setting up a decent looking site. I'm fairly certain they have templates for portfolios. If you wanted to have more control of things, but don't want to have...
  16. Michael Pearce

    Ed Wiesner

    Hey, Ed, do you have any kind of portfolio online?
  17. Michael Pearce

    Nadezhda White

    Dezh, I am currently casting for "Coma".
  18. Michael Pearce


    We are now casting two roles for this film.
  19. Michael Pearce

    Casting for "Coma"

    "Coma" is a short narrative drama written by Stephen Brown, to be directed by @Andrew Frechette. I have posted about it previously. We are currently casting for two roles. Logline: A man has invented a device to enter into the mind of a coma patient Dates: TBD, likely shooting in January and...
  20. Michael Pearce

    AKG CK93

    Hi, my name is Michael, and I have a microphone fetish. I just acquired an AKG CK93 + SE300B hypercardioid microphone for $338 + tax, and I'm quite impressed. This is a definite buy recommendation. As you may know, a shotgun is not the ideal type of microphone for indoor dialog from an...