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  1. dan.Feldsien

    Got Your Nose short

    Hey everyone, my new short is finally done and up online. I worked with people all from the St. Louis area, almost of them members of this forum. Michael Pearce himself was our Assistant Director, Andrew Frechette shot it, Jeff Samet ran Sound, Lynn Chamberlain was a PA, Script Supervisor...
  2. dan.Feldsien


    If you wanna head for a beach and stay within the same timezone, Lake of the Ozarks actually has some good looking stuff around Branson. I haven't been to this one personally, but Sunrise Beach is looks almost like an island. If you do go the field route, somewhere right in the middle of the...
  3. dan.Feldsien

    "Cooking with Bricks" Short Film

    I have another project i'm wanting to get started; another comedy script I've had on the back burner. It's a script about a cooking show chef who now has a cohost attached to his show, and resents that he now has someone stealing his thunder. so the two of them are passive aggressively bickering...
  4. dan.Feldsien

    Dan Feldsien - Filmmaker

    Hi Everyone, my name is Dan Feldsien. I'm a editor, writer, and all-around filmmaker. I got my start filmmaking in Springfield, MO and moved back to the STL area a few years ago. I do a lot of editing, but I also write shorts and features in my spare time and i'm starting out directing now. I...