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  1. Ed Wiesner

    Ed Wiesner

    No, I should probably put something together. Do you have any recommendations? Wix, or something like that?
  2. Ed Wiesner


    Hey Michael, Michael Ketcher posted this on the Saint Louis Film Everything group on facebook on 11 September, they've got an entertainment lawyer coming to do Q&A. Might be able to pick his brain on the legal stuff...
  3. Ed Wiesner

    Jeff's Dark Side

    Hey Michael, We should make a movie, where Jeff plays himself, and he is forced to make a nasty, risque movie, and it's all about him fighting to try and keep things wholesome. The end scene will be him watching his creation, and would go something like this: What do you think?
  4. Ed Wiesner

    Jim Tecu - Writer, Director

    I have to thank Jim for getting me into film making. It was at one of his meetings that I discovered that this creative outlet is open to anyone...... I'm now pressured to make good stuff, or I'll be dragging his good name through the mud. Thank you Jim.
  5. Ed Wiesner

    Ed Wiesner

    How's it going? I'm an aspiring film maker, with one short in editing, and a billion ideas for future projects. I am more than happy to help you with your projects, but I mostly excel with the creative aspects, such as promotional art, set design, props, writing, and script revisions. I'm...
  6. Ed Wiesner

    Hipster and the Lady - Location Needed!

    If you're willing to drive out to Scott AFB, I'll try and see if they'll let you use the officer's club. It can look like a nice restaurant, where you'd have a waiter. I think they're hurting for any business they can get.