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  1. SportsJeff

    AKG CK93

    Thanks for the recommendation Michael. I picked myself up one too!
  2. SportsJeff

    How to fold a 5'x7' backdrop and circular reflector.

    I purchased a 5'x7' backdrop, got it out, and then realized I couldn't fold it back up. After viewing a few videos, this guy's really explained it and I was able to fold the backdrop. Here is a video for how I learned to fold a circular reflector.
  3. SportsJeff

    Jeff's Dark Side

    I liked the strictly chewing movie better. Also, where is the commercial script for this website because I was looking forward to shooting that!
  4. SportsJeff

    Buy Camera and Lenses?

    I am looking to upgrade my gear and received a strong recommendation for the following camera and lens package. Would this camera still hold up to newer cameras 5+ years from now? Am I missing a critical lens that I should try to include for a little more money? Black Magic Pocket 4K ($1,300)...
  5. SportsJeff

    Michael Pearce, Filmmaker

    I give Michael my highest recommendation. I have worked with him on two completed projects and we currently have two in pre-production. He is an incredibly professional sound recordist, and gave me a top-notch product. You can't go wrong if he is on your set in any capacity.
  6. SportsJeff

    Hipster and the Lady - Location Needed!

    I am currently working on a project where two characters are eating at a restaurant. I need the restaurant location. I will have a cast and crew of 15 and am willing to use the restaurant to cater the event. Shoot will be in December 2018. We will need the restaurant for 12 hours and can do...
  7. SportsJeff

    Jeff Samet, Filmmaker

    I am an accountant by day and filmmaker by night. I'm also a husband and father. I have been making films since 2015. I have one film that was accepted into the St. Louis Filmmaker's showcase. I believe a successful filmmaker is an organized filmmaker. My Experience: Directing Writing...
  8. SportsJeff

    Real Names or Not?

    I used the name SportsJeff. It's both real and not real.