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I am looking to upgrade my gear and received a strong recommendation for the following camera and lens package. Would this camera still hold up to newer cameras 5+ years from now? Am I missing a critical lens that I should try to include for a little more money?

Black Magic Pocket 4K ($1,300)
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Rokinon 24, 35, 50, 85 ($1700)
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Michael Pearce

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Rokinon's lenses are pretty well known. They've been making lower cost lenses for a long time, and they are decent, especially for the price. These have geared focus and aperture rings, which make them really useful to filmmakers (when you add a device for follow focus). I'm not a lens snob, so I couldn't tell you much about what distinguishes the more expensive lenses from these. Rokinon lens kits are available from equipment rental houses, and I've been on films that have used them. If nothing else, they are a decent investment, because you'll be able to sell them for most of their value if you need to.

24mm is fairly wide on a "full frame" sensor, but not on a four-thirds or Super35mm sensor. It will give you a 43.1° horizontal angle of view on that camera. I would plan to acquire one or two wider lenses. Also, I think you will almost never use that 85mm lens. There are several kits available, and I would look for one with a range of focal lengths more on the wide side.

The camera isn't out yet, so there aren't many reviews. The specs look great, especially for the price. It looks like Blackmagic Design hasn't held back, and they have packed their latest technology into this thing. There are minor limitations to the form factor, but I wouldn't let that stop you.

I have passed over the micro-four-thirds cameras because of my investment in EF glass and because I've had my heart set on the Super35mm format. However, given the price, I may have to consider getting one of these for myself.