Chris Hoffman - Photograper, Sound, Video

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I am capable of doing many things, I am primarily a photographer. Lighting, color theory, post-processing, visual communication, et cetera.

From there, I commonly do location sound for productions.

I also do video, but seems like everyone else does as well. I'll happily Cam Op, AC, or DP.

I can do gaffing and grip work as well, and have some toys in this department.

I don't do a lot of post-work, but can do dialogue audio post-work. Not so much on sound design, not quite setup well for that.

And I can happily manage the technical crew. Since I know a lot about each department, it makes me great at managing everyone to keep things rolling along.

I love creating, but in regards to film my passion is being part of the team that brings something to life. I don't want to write my own blockbuster - I want the challenge of making your blockbuster. Working with a team is what I call home. :)