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"Coma" is a five page script by Stephen Brown of the UK that I have been invited to help produce. Andrew Frechette is directing. The story is about a man who has invented a device that lets someone enter the mind of a comatose patient and communicate with them. We're in development now, and we are aiming for a shoot schedule in April.

Our core crew is pretty well nailed down. We have some ideas about cast, but beyond that we will probably hold off casting until we are closer to April. Our most concerning need right now is locations. We will probably also need help from some sort of art director or prop builder.

One location is an office/lab environment. Something like a scientific research and development lab that can accommodate a couple of beds or cots for coma patients. We will probably have to dress the set extensively. The script calls for a room like this, a regular office, and some sort of a hallway. Ideally, we would have one location with all of this, but if we have to cheat and make a couple of places look like one, I'm sure we can accomplish that.

The other location is some sort of idyllic setting, an unreal place created in the mind of the coma patient. The script calls for a beach, but Missouri is a little short on beaches. (I have scouted a few. Meh.) We're trying to think outside of the box. Some big, isolated field with a picturesque view. I think it will be important for the place to be one of solitude, with only our two actors visible. A nature setting gives us opportunity to use a lot of B-roll and sound texture to slow down the pace of the film.

The invention itself needs to have a physical appearance in the film. Some kind of high-tech, experimental sort of box, connected to the patient and probably with a computer interface. I have some basic ideas, but if someone was in love with the idea of creating such a prop, I would certainly love to discuss it.

It is my hope to produce this to be monetized. I have been wanting to try producing content for Amazon Prime Video Direct and other "new media" platforms. I will be looking for a contract framework that ensure everyone who contributes their time and resources will be able to share in any revenue that results. I don't expect a big score from this, but I want to learn from the process. If anyone knows of existing contracts that handle this, I would appreciate a referenc
If you wanna head for a beach and stay within the same timezone, Lake of the Ozarks actually has some good looking stuff around Branson.
I haven't been to this one personally, but Sunrise Beach is looks almost like an island. If you do go the field route, somewhere right in the middle of the state would probably be best, maybe out by Rolla or St. James with all the vineyards.

the office and lab may be good at Medici, though I know all sorts of people film there. I mention them mostly because I know they have a hospital room set ready to go already, and lots of office space.

The invention you could probably get a look like what you want by taking an EKG machine and making alterations to it, since it's reading wavelengths in the head already.
I saw this one on Ebay, and with a few extra monitors, a tank of some sort of gas, and maybe a matte black finish, it could look pretty foreboding.

Those are just what sprang to my mind, hopefully helpful. the project does sound cool, and as always i'm willing to help however you may need it.