"Cooking with Bricks" Short Film

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I have another project i'm wanting to get started; another comedy script I've had on the back burner. It's a script about a cooking show chef who now has a cohost attached to his show, and resents that he now has someone stealing his thunder. so the two of them are passive aggressively bickering while filming the episode.

Oh, and they're showing how to make a cake out of a stone brick.

Anyone interested in being involved? There's only the two actors needed, but there's going to have to be a very spacious kitchen to shoot in, a cake (covered in fondant I guess) that looks exactly like a common brick, and a standing mixer that we can absolutely destroy (in one take if Jesus loves us); all sticky problems.

Give the script a read and tell me what you think, I'm taking criticism on it still and don't mind more editing.