Dan Feldsien - Filmmaker

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Hi Everyone, my name is Dan Feldsien. I'm a editor, writer, and all-around filmmaker. I got my start filmmaking in Springfield, MO and moved back to the STL area a few years ago. I do a lot of editing, but I also write shorts and features in my spare time and i'm starting out directing now. I hope to kick out more and more shorts, more and more often, to get the ball rolling and start my first feature within a year.

I live in Jefferson County for now, but I drive to wherever the action is to get a movie made. I love to get on whatever set I can to help people get their movies made and as a good-looking as possible. Let me know if you're looking for any crew, and editor, or just one more PA.

I'm going to start putting up some of my writing examples here and try and get those shorts going, so keep an eye out for them.