Donny Callahan-Filmmaker/Photographer


Donny Callahan-Filmmaker/Photographer
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Hey guys,

I've been involved with indie films for the past 8 years, coming on 9. I also do photography on the side to keep my creative eye more open. Right now I have a film I Directed/Written/Produced thats now running in the festival runs entitled "Supermen: World War, Fan film".

What can I offer that St. Louis needs? My services entail editing acting reels/film trailers, also do headshot/BTS photography. I'm a team player, I like to be part of amazing moments that are created in the madness of a film set. Here's some of my work down below.


Editing reel 2018-

Supermen: World War, fan film trailer-

Peter J. Chevalier Acting Reel-

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