Ed Wiesner

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How's it going?

I'm an aspiring film maker, with one short in editing, and a billion ideas for future projects.

I am more than happy to help you with your projects, but I mostly excel with the creative aspects, such as promotional art, set design, props, writing, and script revisions. I'm willing to act, if you're willing to have a droning, monotone character.

Take it easy.

Michael Pearce

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I haven't used Wix, but it is evidently easy to use, because I know people who are completely non-technical and who have had no trouble setting up a decent looking site. I'm fairly certain they have templates for portfolios.

If you wanted to have more control of things, but don't want to have to learn a lot about web development, the Adobe CC suite comes with Muse, which is a fairly easy and intuitive web development tool that insulates you from nearly all of the technical aspects. It lets you design in a way that is very much like creating a document in InDesign or Illustrator. With a little careful consideration, it can be fully reactive to look just as good on mobile devices as on a computer screen. The resulting documents can then be hosted by any web hosting company.

If I were in your situation, I would start with something like Wix, and then decide if you've gotten what you want, or if you want to put in the effort to learn how to do more than is possible with Wix.

If you do end up trying Wix, feel free to write up your experience and post about it here on this site. I'm sure there will be others with the same question.

Michael Pearce

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There's also Adobe Portfolio, "free with your Creative Cloud subscription". I'd forgotten about it. I remember passing it up when I first heard about it because I didn't having it tied to continued payment for CC, and also because Adobe has a bad track record of abandoning products. However, it might be worth checking out, especially if a lot of your work is in Adobe products and it's something you're basically already paying for.