Jim Tecu - Writer, Director

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I showed up at a local filmmaking group a few years ago. They happened to be doing a script reading. I read one of the parts in the script. Afterward, the director asked me to audition for the part, which I did. I got the role and was cast in a movie. I continued to go to more meetings and I was helping on more film sets. One of the groups I belonged to, challenged the writers to come up with a script for a short film. I got an idea, wrote a script, the organizer of the group liked the script, and after a dozen re-writes, we decided to make a movie. So, I wrote and directed my first film called The Train to Kansas City which was screened at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase in 2018. I started my own filmmaking group called St. Louis Filmmakers https://www.meetup.com/Saint-Louis-Filmmakers/ and we have made a number of films. I feel extremely fortunate to be part of the filmmaking community in St. Louis.
I have to thank Jim for getting me into film making. It was at one of his meetings that I discovered that this creative outlet is open to anyone......

I'm now pressured to make good stuff, or I'll be dragging his good name through the mud.

Thank you Jim.