Matt Wefel

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My name is Matt, and I am an alcoholic! Oh wait, wrong room. I am a late bloomer in this industry as I’ve spent the first 16 years of my working life in the restaurant business. I am married and have 3 amazing kids, which I know will make this tough business even tougher, but I am so committed to this, you have no idea.

Currently I am mostly seeking knowledge and opportunity. I have been on several sets as a PA, Camera PA, Gaffer and Sound Recordist. I am interested in more opportunities in those roles, and those of Grip, AD and eventually Cam Op/AC. I want a well-rounded knowledge of all positions on set.

My ultimate goal is to be a producer, so if there are any of you brave souls out there who would be interested in doling out some advice, or even allowing me in on your processes, I would be forever grateful.