Roland R-26

Michael Pearce

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Free to a good home: Roland R-26. Also included are the neck/shoulder strap, the foam windscreen, and a third-party padded zipper pouch for storage. Some scratches visible on the touch screen, but fully functional. I haven't used it for a few years, and I don't expect to.

Mini review: The R-26 has a form factor similar to the Zoom H4n, with two XLR inputs on the bottom, and a set of built-in microphones at the top. The preamps are better than the original H4n, but not better than the H4n Pro or the Zoom F-series. A decent touch-screen UI, although the touch screen is not capacitive. Actual level knobs should mean you can adjust the level during a take, but they are some ticky digital technology, and you can actually hear them step if you move them during the recording. It has built in a pair of omnidirectional mics and a pair of X/Y cardioid mics, not great quality, and very emphasized in the mid-highs.