SmallRig Swivel and Tilt Monitor Mount

Michael Pearce

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I realize it's just a little thing, but it makes me happy. I received this thing yesterday, and it is a pretty awesome little thing.


It has a friction mechanism for tilt and swivel, so you can mount a monitor on your camera and reposition it with one hand. This one has a shoe mount, for use with a DSLR. I had previously been using a Manfrotto 492LCD ball head mount, which is smooth and solid. However, it requires two hands to re-position, since you have to unlock the ball. This device from SmallRig holds the monitor with enough friction to keep it in place, but will let you grab the monitor and push it into a new position, which you can do one-handed. It is also about 30% lower profile and half the weight of this ball head.

SmallRig Swivel and Tilt Monitor Mount with Cold Shoe BSE2346

This one is a shoe mount, but they make a couple of others, including one with a NATO clamp.

I've tested it with a SmallHD 702 Touch, which is heavier than most on-camera monitors (31.9 oz / 903 g with two 4400 mAh batteries). It didn't slip in any position I placed it in, even giving the rig a vigorous shake.