Welcome to the St. Louis Filmmaker Community!

Michael Pearce

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I am proud to welcome you to this online community for local filmmakers. For several years, St. Louis has been without a web site dedicated to facilitating communication and networking between established and aspiring filmmakers in the area. The community has made do with mailing lists, Facebook, and word of mouth, but none of these have been ideal. It is my hope that this web site will prosper and fill the gaps that have been missing.

Today, I am launching the site with nothing more than an online forum system. Already, that can be a powerful tool for networking, communication, and even learning. However, my plans are bigger than this. I intend to develop a complete system for connecting crew and talent with projects, and vice versa. I hope this site will become your first stop when building your team and finding gigs.

This site cannot be successful without you. A social network only works if there are people using it with whom to connect. I am asking you to invite your friends and colleagues to try out this site. The more members of the St. Louis filmmaking community there are using this site, the more useful it will be for everyone.
  • I would encourage everyone to go to the Introduce Yourself forum and post an introduction. Let everyone know about your skills and capabilities, as well as your aspirations.
  • You can edit your Account Details and do the same there. In particular, fill in a custom title that lets everyone know instantly where you think you fit on a film team.
  • If you are organizing a project and seeking people to help, you should post in the Help Wanted forum. Describe your project and the help you need.
I am committed to making this site successful. I expect there to be bumps in the road initially, but I am ready to work through them. Please reach out to me if you discover any technical problems. More importantly, I am very interested in your input and suggestions. I don't know everything about filmmaking or about the local community, so this site could be missing something important, and I'm just not aware of it. I want this site to fit our community, so I want to hear from you.

I thank you sincerely, and I look forward to a long, wild ride together.

Michael Pearce, Filmmaker